Our Company

The Tanchem Company was Founded by Mr. Tan Lip Chee in 1981 out of a passion for creating unique flavours and fragrances for the food, beverage and skincare industry.

Through the company’s relentless innovation and continuous drive to put customer satisfaction before all else, Tanchem has established itself as a leading distributor of International Flavours & Fragrances (IFF). Today, Tanchem leads the industry locally in Malaysia, as well as regionally.

Our Lab

The Tanchem Laboratory focuses on innovative Research and Development for future products. Our dedicated team of Sensory Experts and Lab Technicians, conduct extensive analysis and experimentation at every stage of the development process, to ensure the highest level of accuracy in measurements for all formulations. Through extensive research and cutting-edge technology, Tanchem is able to evolve to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

Our Office

The Tanchem Corporate offices are where our administration, operations and marketing divisions are based. At HQ, we provide a completely holistic experience, covering everything from the processing of new orders, to an excellent after-sales service for every one of our clients, all in a strategic central location.

Our Warehouse

The Tanchem Warehouse is digitally automated by an AI system, for the ability to track inventory and stock, as well as manage transactions and all control deliveries with the highest level of accuracy and timeliness. Our warehouse is also fully-equipped with a state-of-the-art cold room, for the optimum storing and handling of all heat-sensitive products.